H 16
EX 19
XD 34
16th May 2021
03rd July 2021
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-Expert nerfed and XD outro adjusted
-Hard difficulty added!
-Huge rework of dozens of smaller sections. More interesting build ups, trickier color swaps, sliders should flow much more accurately and smoothly. And some extra sounds charted that I ignored before. And a difficulty increase to compensate.
-Fixed blatant movement into tap. Oops.
-Fixed backwards spin and added tiny bit more polish. \
-Tournament update

MASSIVE thanks to Dama and Ballinbino for helping me come up with ideas and heavily tweaking my very first chart. And in general just teaching me good fundamentals. Without them this chart would certainly have come out pretty poorly. Special thanks to Dama again for making an expert version for me!

I charted this for myself and I'm super proud and happy with how it came out but if people end up enjoying it then that would be pretty cool too!
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Write about the flow, difficulty or the patterns of the chart
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EX is very nice
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hot anime steven chart
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Lady, running down to the riptide
Taken away to the dark side
I wanna be your left hand man
oh wait this the wrong song...
Massive Banger!
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An amazing first chart!!! I had a ton of fun with this one
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Very Cool.
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Did Steven get hacked?
I thought he doesn't chart?
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I think Steven gets the new Best First Chart award!
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