XD 45
02nd June 2021
02nd July 2021
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-Fixed backspin
-Added more more beat taps to the drops to replace the more boring variations. Rearranged some stuff to be more visually interesting.
-Adjusted some timings and arranged drum noises to beat/taps instead of matches
My hardest chart by a lot so far! This one was super fun but there were some extremely tricky sections to parse so there may be some small inaccuracies. Regardless I think this is my favourite so far.

Big thanks to Ballinbino who heavily adjusted a complicated section and gave me some ideas for parts that were lacking. And thanks to Dama and Matt for testing as well.
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I love swing

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sick chart!
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You destroyed my mouse, my keyboard and my wrist: Nice job!
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This is one of the best charts i've played! Definitely top 10 charts for me. It's a little tough for me but I literally can't stop playing it LOL
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very worthy of the 1/1 rating, this is genuinely such a fun chart and one of my favorites !!
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If you keep making these bangers, my library is gonna be 90% StevenofAstora charts before too long lol.
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I'm glad I never finished mine, this is a better final product :)
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