E 6
N 10
H 18
EX 32
XD 46
03rd December 2021
04th December 2021
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[Update(04-12-2021):Left some MIT's (movement into tap) at M-66, which felt ok to me with freewheel that's why I missed it. Thanks to 𝗖𝗥𝗢𝗢𝗞𝗬𝗖𝗨𝗠𝗕𝗟𝗘𝗦 for mentioning these]
My most ambitious chart till now with which I was struggling a lot because of the tempo map. So a special thanks to 𝗣𝗥𝗢𝗚𝗥𝗔𝗠𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗖, without your help this chart wouldn't have been possible. Charts bit rough cause it's haven't been playtested so expect a future update.

The track is pretty energetic, I hope I was able to portray that energy through all the difficulties. So yeah,


(This was supposed to come out on 20 nov, M-247)
(Feedback is always appreciated)
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