Welcome to the SpinShare API Documentation! These pages focus on all the data you can access from to make cool stuff. Whether you're working on a Twitch bot, a mod for the game or anything else helping, we want you to be able to use our platform to make your projects even better!

So what are we waiting for? Let's create something awesome together!


If you need any help implementing the SpinShare API, feel free to ask us anything in the #development channel on our Discord Server.



  • Added Connect->Notifications->GetNotifications endpoint
  • Added Connect->Notifications->ClearNotification endpoint
  • Added Connect->Notifications->ClearAllNotifications endpoint
  • Added Connect->Playlists->GetPlaylists endpoint
  • Added Open->Promos->ActivePromos endpoint
  • Added Open->Client->GetLatestVersion endpoint
  • Added Open->Discovery->SearchCharts endpoint
  • Added Open->Discovery->SearchUsers endpoint
  • Deprecated Open->Promos->Promos endpoint
  • Deprecated Open->Discovery->Search endpoint
  • Deprecated Open->Discovery->SearchAll endpoint
  • Added notification count to Connect->GetProfile endpoint
  • Changed the way paths for covers, thumbnails and avatars are combined internally
  • Added default graphics paths for covers and avatars
  • Filtered out empty tags on song entities


  • Removed the Open->Discovery->Popular endpoint
  • Added difficulty ratings to songs
  • Added an update hash and update time to songs
  • Renamed Open->Discovery->Hot endpoint to Open->Discovery->HotThisWeek
  • Added Open->Discovery->HotThisMonth endpoint
  • Added Open->Discovery->Updated endpoint
  • Limited the Discovery endpoint outputs to 10 per page (was 12 before)