E 5
N 11
H 18
EX 22
XD 28
21st August 2020
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Till It's Over by Tristam

I'm Alan Maizer, Global Public Relations Director at Razer. We invented the gaming mouse. We pioneered the use of high DPI sensors and ultra-slick mousing feet which all gaming mice now use. Today, we're introducing the future in gaming mice. It doesn't just reduce the friction of your gameplay; it completely eliminates it.

Introducing...Project McFly *song plays*

08/25/2020 - Fixed drift on XD and Expert. Fixed movement after liftoff in XD. Thanks TheWay123 for feedback!
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Love it, great song, great chart
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gaming mouse
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Love the experimentation with some hold shapes, not as much with some others. Still feels nice to play!
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I love it c:
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