Why you should support us!

We want to host your charts for free for as long as we can. For this, we have to find a way to fund our servers needed to safely and reliably host your content
We want to continuously improve on our SpinShare Speen Open tournament, fund the servers needed for that event and maybe even have a little prize for the winner!
Charting Competitions
We want to regularly hold charting competitions where we collaborate with artists and reward charters participating in these competitions.

How can I help?

Spread the word!
If you can't support us monetarily (or if you simply don't want to), you can still help us by talking about us, creating content about us or just use our service!
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You can subscribe to our Twitch channel to receive a wonderful badge on Twitch and SpinShare and show your support that way. And remember, Twitch Prime is free!™
If you have any free change, feel free to support us over at Patreon! Whether it is a one-time donation or a continuous one, we are grateful for every single of our Patreons and provide you with early-looks and other interesting behind the scenes material.