XD 28
04th September 2020
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update 1 (20/9/20):

tldr: a whole bunch of changes made to reduce that janky mess that this chart was, should be much better now, probably maybe idk

beat 38.50, 46.50, 230.50, 236: changed beat hold into 1 beat

beat 44: changed tap-match string into slider

beat 46: changed slider into spin

beat 53.50: added beat

beat 56, 245.50, 249.50, 252, 269.50: changed beat hold into 2 beats

beat 108: moved entire slider 16th back

beat 113.63 & 145.63: moved tap 16th forward

beat 153-155.25: changed taps to spins

beat 213, 214: removed beat

beat 213.50: added beat

beat 266: moved tap position to add movement

beat 267-280.38: mirrored to accommodate change above

beat 342.63: scratch moved 16th back

beat 259, 259.50: second tap changed to spin, first tap moved accordingly


Special thanks to Kali and PickPig who helped make quite a few improvements on this chart!

XD 28, this is Eprom's old school remix of Ether by Zeds Dead and Deathpact. Hopefully you guys enjoy it!
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