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07th July 2024
07th July 2024
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REALLY late Secret Santa chart for Snepped.

I'm really glad I finally sat down to chart this, as I fell down a major rabbit hole while charting this. Austin Archey (the drummer for Lorna Shore) is absolutely insane, and I watched about 2 hours of him drumming just to get a sense of his usual rhythms for this chart. The man can consistently do 16th-note rolls on a kick drum at 250+ bpm, which is mind-boggling to me.

The Pain Remains trilogy is also a masterpiece, and I highly encourage watching the music videos and looking at the lyrics at some point if you never have. Snepped had only put part I on his Secret Santa request list, but I couldn't help myself and had to do all 3.

I apologize for any mistakes or whatever; this song is very long and very busy, and I struggled a lot with charting some parts.
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First part feels very undercharted, song goes BRRRRRRRR chart goes bap bap bap bap
part 2 and 3 are bangers though, especially part 3
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