EX 23
XD 31
14th September 2020
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Iv'e been really busy these past months so i haven't had any time to map songs. But i have this one for u guys, hope u all enjoy.
Please be aware that this is probably not CTM friendly. I have no idea about what makes a CTM friendly map so i won't be able to alter it for CTM users. Sorry in advance.
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I'm only able to play ex, but i really enjoy this chart. At the beginning it can feel a little simple but that's due to the structure of the song itself, it slowly ramps up with the song and i think that's cool
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After playing it a few times I'd say this isn't as CTM-unfriendly as you think. It has the occasional quick lane swaps but most charts do that as well. Would be quite boring otherwise.
Only things I could point out is having liftoffs followed by taps soon after, think there's about 2 instances of that happening. Not very good for CTM, should stay on the same lane if the distance between the two is short. Other thing is usage of beats in quiet sections where it doesn't seem like they belong.

Otherwise really fun chart!
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