XD 45
18th September 2020
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goodbye, beat button

10/6 - apparently all the notes after a point were very very slightly out of time, has now been fixed.
11/29 - cleanup!
11/30 - fixed some mistimed notes, fixed the tempo map, fixed cue points
12/1 - lol another update to change one note position at beat 202 :)
12/18 - changed one pattern
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Very fun chart. Tough but fair.
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I mean it's a song from Undertale, what's not to love!!! the music is incredible and this song is definitely one of the best and the chart is amazing. decent difficulty. has you test your beat note capabilities and it's overall a really fun time!!!
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why is this actually good
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This is genuinely the most fun chart I've played since I started playing this game. This charter deserves it all.
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