XD 28
20th September 2020
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update 2 (16/10/20):
tldr: updated match strings at the end to be more tournament friendly (thanks kali and way!)

update 1 (26/9/20):
tldr: updated various hold notes to flow better, improved visibility in the final section

beat 76.50, 84.50, 124.50: changed hold shape to flow better + moved end slightly further

beat 97: filled empty space with more hold

beat 98: adjusted spinner accordingly

beat 164.25: adjusted hold to sync up properly, changed following tap to liftoff

beat 271.50, 283.50, 299.50, 307.50, 319.50: removed match for readability

one of my favourites from sta, found it in lanota and it even introduced me to tone sphere so this song is pretty close to my heart. I really enjoy the song so hopefully you do too xd

XD28 btw

ps. it's also featured in arcaea's tone sphere collab so go play it on like all 3 mobile games. audio also insanely scuffed due to not being able to find a hq download of the shorter version, youtube rips go brrr
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fun chart! great to see Sta getting some love
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