E 5
N 11
H 17
EX 23
XD 35
24th September 2020
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ROCK IT VIP by Tokyo Machine

Collab I did with Kali! Huge thanks to her, she did an amazing job.
Also, this VIP remix is pretty good. Tokyo Machine never ceases to make bangers.
Enjoy, and please leave feedback!

09/25/2020 - There should be countdowns for every difficulty now.
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That was much fun! Really felt the vibe with the note placement! (played on hard)
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Very nice, couldn't finish on XD so I bumped it down to EX. Lots of spins, but they don't feel excessive. My first custom track I've played and I can't wait to try more!
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Very cool, my first time doing full diff charting, hopefully my parts aren't too weird :D
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