XD 45
06th October 2020
20th March 2021
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(Thanks to TheWay123 for helping polish it up and for giving it the diff rating, which feels really weird because I've never rating my own charts above 40 before)

Freewheel players are gonna struggle a bit more than CTM here, sorry.
You all can yell at me if you really think I should've heeded Way's advice and changed those spins at beat 501.75.

- 07.10.2020 -
> Changed difficulty rating to 45
> Changed previewLoopBars.
> Rest in peace, Darnoc spin, you will be missed... by me at least.
> Removed a match note that snuck its way into a hold.
- 19.03.2021-
> Softened a lot of beat holds. (I might update with more softening later as I feel they might be a bit inconsistent right now)
> Changed background.

I like vocal chops.

Okay okay, so nobody knows this, but I started this chart about a month ago, and boy oh boy was this a mentally intensive chart for me. I know that sounds really dumb when people release like 23 charts a month, but I don't have that power, for I am a mere mortal.
I always love working on a modus chart because I feel like his music really allows me to experiment a bit more, I can delve into places I normally wouldn't comfortably... but that BPM change... I had to check modus' project breakdown to figure that out, and thank god I did. Go check modus out, they're pretty dope.
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love how the patterns match the song's sound design
probably one of my favourite charts so far
rip the darnoc :(
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Really nice flow and some cool patterns! would, however, rate the difficulty a bit lower than 50. Around 35 would definitely be more fair;D awesome track!
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