E 1
N 7
H 16
EX 22
XD 24
24th October 2020
12th August 2021
Uploaded by
because fallin wanted me to.

also i hope you loved my performance at the custom 8s, best graph i've ever seen

Update 2/5/2021: Removed everyone's PFC (and added Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties)
Update 2/5/2021: Thanks to Slival, there have been more changes to the Easy, like getting rid of isolated taps (oops).
Update 8/11/2021: Adjusted difficulties of Easy, Normal, and Hard to be more accurate
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Short but effective song, very loyal chart and chill to listen, totally recommended!
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doesn't this song have an extended version somewhere?
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That's rad.
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Yes, it's finally Friday...
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