E 39
H 16
EX 20
XD 28
09th November 2020
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Length = 3:46
E = 39 [Actually XD difficulty, not a standard chart (ミク= Mi Ku ≈ 3 9) ]
H = 15
EX = 20
XD = 28
I'm a ten-year Miku fan, heard this version from cytus II.
Anyone planning on charting the KDA's song "More" and "Drum Go Dum"? I'm planing to do them from tomorrow. If anyone is doing them or really want to do them, please tell me.
Appreciate your feedback.
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oo ee oo
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very nice map and song! Finally an easy Ex for us mortals
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Wonderful H chart, loved playing it!
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Ah man, this song reminds me that I have to go back to playing cytus haha! Great chart and I support the idea of only using blue notes at the end
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Plays perfectly. On XD that is, didn't try other difficulties. Only thing I could point out is just the second half having only blue notes. Could be more interesting visually.

Otherwise great work.
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