E 4
N 12
H 18
EX 24
XD 32
28th November 2020
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Sirius by Eir Aoi

First opening theme for Kill La Kill
Collab I did with imfallin, huge thanks to him; he did an amazing job!
Also special thanks to TheWay123 for assisting imfallin with charting the lower difficulties.
Enjoy, and feedback appreciated as always.

also watch kill la kill it is a good show
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Very well made chart!
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(Played in H) Really loved this chart! Great job!
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Super clean as usual. Hella fun to play.
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My high school grad quote is a Mako Mankanshoku quote and if that doesn't tell you how much I love Kill La Kill and absolutely think y'all should watch it I don't know what will

btw shout out to Slival for helping me relearn how to chart songs that aren't absolutely cracked out XD diff and also for revising and editing the lower diffs when i kept making them too hard slival's the best ok thank you

go watch kill la kill it is a good show
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