H 9
EX 13
XD 21
30th November 2020
18th March 2021
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03/17/2021: Update 11 update!
- Made some adjustments to Hard difficulty to make one section easier
- Added soft beat holds, which now include most (if not all) of the beat holds on this map
- Changed the position of some beat holds' start and end to reflect the action point of the synth swells, making them more in line with the timing of other notes
- Removed all instances of movement into tap by changing certain taps on 3 into taps on 1 instead

11/30/2020: Hard, Expert, and XD uploaded!
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All rewardadrawer's charts are smart and fun, and this one is no exception.
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(Played in H) Gotta say the last 10-20 seconds got unexpectedly harder than the entire chart, however I really loved the cozy vibe. Really fits the music!
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