XD 80
06th December 2020
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i stole peoples charts :)))))

charts stolen from: xronier by rek3dge, Bangin Burst by rek3dge, VVelcome by rek3dge, Endymion by rek3dge (never uploaded), GHOST (2020 Halloween+++++++++ VIP) by Nichname (never finished), exit this earths atmosphere by Nichname, I by Juch., Goodrage by Snepped, Checkpoint Forever After by Kali, The Ultimate Zoidberg Challenge by Kali, Meteor Burst by Snepped, Bookmaker by Snepped, GRK spice by .Ave, Overcomplexification by Nichname, Propane by smb, Boogie by Ambi, Ghost Family Living in a Graveyard by Kali, and Failnaught by Ambi
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I like I See Lite for it's interesting and creative charting as well as high difficulty curve. Something most people don't seem to understand and pass off stuff they can't play on the first try as bad.
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