H 9
EX 14
XD 22
07th December 2020
23rd June 2021
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06/23/2021: Pulled the soft beat holds forward a bit (2 ticks instead of 4)

03/17/2021: Update 11 update!
- Added soft beat holds, which now include about half of the beat holds on this map
- Adjusted beat hold end timing so no beat hold ends less than 4 ticks from the next beat
12/07/2020: Hard, EX, and XD uploaded!
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Amazing song and a very "reward" chart mechanics, which is always something good :) Despite being chill, it's a good track to train beat independence. Great job!
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This is one of the first customs I ever played and it's still one of my favorites to revisit! Basically taught me how to do beatholds. The way they follow the guitar first, then Ashley's voice, then Darren's voice is so clever and feels really satisfying to master.
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Thank you so much for this, im a big fan of Supergiant and Darren Korb
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