E 4
N 10
H 14
EX 18
XD 25
01st May 2020
01st February 2021
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Rainbow Road by nanobii


08/01/2020 - Fixed tempo map and edited a few notes on XD.
08/21/2020 - BIG UPDATE! Lots of changes to all difficulties, should be more fun to play now.
08/25/2020 - Changed a few notes on the XD level and removed movement after liftoff. Thanks TheWay123 for feedback!
09/12/2020 - Really small update to fix movement after liftoff at the very beginning of the XD level that I missed. Huge apologies to everyone's scores being reset!
02/01/2021 - Polished up Easy, Normal and Hard.
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It's a classic, but a great one
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One of my favorite charts yet <3
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