E 5
N 10
H 15
EX 23
XD 26
15th December 2020
09th April 2021
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Secret Society BLANKET spreads its influence further.

In anticipation of Yuru Camp S2, I decided to chart the opening for the comfiest anime in existence. Enjoy Jackson 5-wait...I mean, enjoy the Yuru Camp opening. And go watch Yuru Camp, available for streaming now, and its 2nd season when it begins airing on January 7, 2021.

I'll return to make this chart full diff later. Just wanted to get it out before the SSSO Winter submission deadline closes.

UPDATE 2020/12/25: i made it every diff but hard lmao now where's the SSSO mottos, also edited the difficulty rating of XD to match the SSSO rating pool. no changes were made to the XD version
UPDATE 2020/12/25 - II: I added hard. Damnit, Laura. I also adjusted a timing error on the E, N, and EX charts. XD remains unaltered.
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Nice chart for hard.
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Ping me on the 7th
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