EX 20
XD 29
18th December 2020
18th March 2023
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04/29/2022: Warsongs Showcase update!
- XD is now 29 difficulty
- Both EX and XD have been significantly overhauled to meet new tournament standards.
- This version is the official tournament version; if your scores aren't showing up on this leaderboard, it's the wrong version!

03/17/2021: Update 11 update!
- Added soft beat holds to the quiet synth section (measures 76-83). There are like three beat holds not in that section, which are untouched
- Changed the shape of some phrases in that same section to avoid movement into tap
12/19/2020: XD diff is now 28
12/18/2020: Expert and XD uploaded!

If you can find the hidden file, you can play the original garbage chart...
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