XD 62
24th December 2020
12th May 2021
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It seems a lot of you liked Dance With Silence, so what if we went faster and harder? That was the goal until I heard the first drop and dropped everything I wanted to do to make this chart as sick as possible. The 2nd drop is very standard Camellia, so that is definitely the harder part. XD 59, enjoy.

Major Update 3/22/21
- soft beat holds are now the main form of beat hold (75/25 rough estimate)
- 2nd drop section has been made harder
- middle verse now has taps
- main synths now have soft beat holds
- Difficulty is now a 62
- background has been updated to "Body F10ating in the Zero Gravity Space"

5/12/2021 - nerfs + readability changes
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