XD 54
05th January 2021
07th February 2021
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1st chart of a 3-chart Mini-showcase, highlighting what is considered the Godly Trio of Infected Mushroom, specifically Tracks 8-10 of Legend of the Black Shawarma.
This chart has been exhausting to make. Lost a minute of progress to the save glitch, went through several drafts before ending up with something I liked, and also a 10 min chart. That said, I'm happy with how it turned out though, arguably one of my favorites, so I'd say it was worth the grind.

It'll be a while before I finish the other 2 charts since they are just as long, and also burn out from development hell on this chart.

Sorry for info dump/rant. Hope you enjoy the chart, it's one of my favorites so far
Update 2/6: Redid intro, several adjustments/changes for better flow and feel, new preview loop, reduced diff to 54 from 55
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