EX 26
XD 52
25th February 2021
05th May 2021
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05/04/2021: Fixed slight tempo map issues (interpolation to fix delays)
04/01/2021: Removed matches on beats, some easier match string patterns in the buildup
03/17/2021: Update 11 update!
- Added soft beat holds, which now include most (if not all) of the beat holds on this map
- Added soft beat holds to reflect resonating snare hits during the song's first buildup
- Added soft beat holds to reflect resonating tom-tom hits during the pre-drop phrases
- Radically changed the shape of phrases where eighth note beat holds with releases were previously used, as they demanded taps on every other note (start of beat hold, beat hold release, and snare hit); they now only have taps on start of beat hold and snare hit

02/25/2021: EX (26) and XD (52) uploaded!

This is a commission for Ricki, the Most RAD of All!
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Anyone need a medic bag?!
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