XD 37
14th March 2021
31st March 2021
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Standard chart with no scratchsnipes (taps after scratches), no hold-taps, as well as no densely packed beats that will require you to use the "Alt-Beat" button.

Native difficulty is XD, as this is the difficulty where most sounds will be charted with standard patterns that anyone who can handle a mid to high 30's difficulty chart can play just fine due to its "simplicity".

As such, XD may not be subject to change as I eventually may not ask for pointers towards things that need to be changed.

3/30: Adjusted tempomap so that it's not late
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I'm not sorry, I can agree with this chart!
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Who is Money and why is somebody telling them to Get Going?
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No scratch snipes? Wtf I want my money back
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I literally had to borrow my sisters computer just to do this its so good
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I accidentally pushed the wrong button how do I delete my review oh god please help
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hey, this is standard!!!!
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Thank you for your wonderful chart. Onto the podium it goes.
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I can recommend this
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it's so good it heals
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