E 3
N 6
H 10
EX 15
16th March 2021
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Love this one! V fun on EX
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While I do have to give props for charting the 4 difficulties that this song did not already have a chart for, there are a LOT of issues for playstyles other than the default Freewheel. Playing this on Click-to-Move or Turntable would be a nightmare with how much movement into tap there is.

As one of the charters whose first charts were hit pretty badly by criticism and issues, I do know it can be discouraging and annoying to receive negative feedback, but I hope you'll consider asking around for some of the general charting advice so that your charts will be more enjoyable for everyone, not just freewheel players. And if you want to keep charting like you do, that's also fine, but it would be appreciated if you make notes about your charts being designed for a specific playstyle in the description in the future.

I personally would recommend, however, asking around for some tips on charting so that you can improve for the future, because we could use more non-XD charters. Us XD charters seem to be pretty biased in what we make...

If this chart gets updated, I'll naturally give it a new review, but for now, it's gonna be a thumbs-down icon for me.
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What a wonderful chart! I've played it in H and had lots of fun with it!
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