E 4
N 11
H 18
EX 25
XD 40
04th April 2021
07th April 2021
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Winning with friendship means winning at life!

Here's Ambiguous, my favourite OP from Kill La Kill. Me and Slival's natural follow up to Sirius, and a song that ended up being way more daunting and challenging to chart than either of us expected - an entire new mechanic was added to the game between the time we started working on this and the time we finished! In the end, we found our way and pulled through past the infinite darkness to bring you this chart. Hope you enjoy!

Of course, a massive thank you to Slival for helping chart this, and for making sure I didn't accidentally make the EZ-EX charts too hard.

UPDATE 2021/04/04: Adjusted tempomap, adjusted preview loop bars, adjusted a drum fill towards the end, and rerated XD from 37 to 40.

Slival Today at 1:23 AM
kill la kill

imfallinfree Today at 1:23 AM
kill la kill

Slival Today at 1:23 AM

anyway go watch kill la kill
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very nice
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