E 4
N 10
H 15
EX 18
XD 26
17th April 2021
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I've been wanting to chart some stuff from Hollow Knight for a while, and decided to start with Mantis Lords! Thank you to abysmalcosmos, StevenOfAstora, rewardadrawer, imfallin, and Alexicographic for playtesting!
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Mantis Lords is an interesting choice for a rhythm game, but it's mapped really well! I'm new to the game and have been using this song to learn the ropes. The flow and timing feel good to follow. I'd love if you mapped more Hollow Knight OST in the future!
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Great charts, feels very natural and sustains are placed sensefully!
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I LOVE THIS. Hard chart is super fun, working on ex.
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How looming! Loved playing it! (played in H)
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take all my geo
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Hollow knight. Very cool.
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Don't forget to bow when the fight ends
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