H 21
EX 27
XD 32
01st May 2020
07th March 2021
Uploaded by
Song length: 3:19 min.
Difficulty Rate:
- Hard = 21
- Expert = 26
- XD = 32

15th July 2020 Update
> Fixed some timing issues
> Changed some patterns
Thanks to Programmatic, Daraxys and the Spinshare community for the feedback.
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Really satisfying spins!
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One of my favourite Zick charts. The rapid spin sections are insanely fun to nail and flow in such a cool way that I can't quite explain it.
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I love this chart a ton. Much like BEWM, it features a ton of back-and-forth motion in the drops that is super satisfying to hit. There are occasional trip-ups with some colour swaps, but aside from being tricky to read, this chart plays incredibly <3
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