E 4
N 11
H 18
EX 24
XD 30
01st May 2020
01st February 2021
Uploaded by
Crab Rave by Noisestorm


07/16/2020 - Tournament edit of the XD difficulty by Programmatic, big thank you!
02/01/2021 - Remade Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert from scratch. Polished up XD.
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Very cool. I like it
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Expert chart is a bit repetitive!

The original song is also of course very repetitive, but I think the music video it's paired with makes up for that my varying the visuals. I think the chart (at least, the Expert and under charts) could also do this to greater effect? Like, specifically using different patterns to break up the monotony of the same music and patterns being repeated over and over.
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I love it!
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c r a b r a v e
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The May 01 release was good by May standards. The July 16 edit is good by July standards. Not sure how well this review will look in October, but ping me if the October edit isn't good by October standards
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Terrible chart for an "easy" difficulty chart, way too many notes too fast and the switch ups are so drastic that it's impossible to adjust fast enough for an easy level player, this should've been marked Normal. If easy is this hard, I don't even want to see how terrible the other difficulties are.
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I really liked the note placement on this one!
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this surprised me with how fun it was, 5/5 great work
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Very fun song! Lots of flow, not too easy, but not too challenging to be fun! Short and sweet, the chart fits the song well! 🦀Bad Charts Are Gone 🦀
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