H 20
EX 27
XD 34
01st May 2020
07th March 2021
Uploaded by
Song length: 3:13 min.
Difficulty Rate:
- Hard = 20
- Expert = 27
- XD = 35

15th July 2020 Update
> The disproportionately difficult middle part was nerfed, specifically in the beat 168.
> Changed some patterns.
Thanks to Programmatic, Daraxys and the Spinshare community for the feedback.
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Great song, great flow, great everything, this is a must play!
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It's time for Drum n' Bass!
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over a month later and this song is still amazing. it may be tricky but it's got really fun patterns and some sections that are super satisfying to hit
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Following up the original run of Dogma Resistance charts, Zick has outdone themselves with this one. Trickier to read and play than Overkill imo, but insanely fun. Definitely worth the grind to learn to pass this chart!
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