XD 23
04th August 2021
23rd June 2022
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Sometimes, I feel like I don't quite fit in with the Spinsha.re community. When I first began interacting with you all, I didn't make a good first impression. Or a second, or a third, and so on it went for a while.

Eventually, I got it together a bit, and set to improving myself and my charts, determined to earn my place as a valued community member.

Even now, however, I still sometimes feel like if I left, there would be many more people happy about it than there would sad. And sometimes, I do consider just leaving the main community due to this feeling.

In the end, however, I remember that, yeah, I have made some friends along the way. And some of them are pretty darn great people.

I've worked hard in my charting, too. I've worked my way up to Verified Charter (admittedly with charts that I cringe at now) and have only continued to improve. Uh, other than Scream Saver.

In the end, I know that, even if some people still dislike me, or if I'm a bit annoying sometimes, I've found my way here. And I'm happy with it.

Thank you to all the friends I've made, as well as to those of you who both helped me improve my charting, and those who have helped me improve as a person. Y'all are amazing.

Special shoutout to the SRXD community members of the Cosmps' Rhythm Hell Discord server, I likely would've stopped charting long ago if not for you all. <3
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This song is something, it's got a sadness to it. Don't worry Enynine, stay in there. Really liked your Black soul shinedown chart btw.
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