E 4
XD 24
29th August 2021
12th September 2021
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Update 1: Easy difficulty added. Tweaked the XD level a little further to make it more consistent, bumped up diff number by one.

Easy difficulty completely revamped to be standardized to how an actual easy level from the official levels would play; no more of those weird patterns I hacked together because I didn't know what I was doing. It's now more intense (for an easy level), rating now set to 4 instead of the original 1.
XD got timing and consistency improvements, removed a color puzzle in one spot that was...okay but I felt it better to remove it.

This chart should be friendly to all playstyles.

Fulldiff is planned, I believe we need more of those levels.

Shoutouts to Seq, Hao, Ricki for playtesting/feedback; and Kali, TheWay123, and many others for additional feedback and guidance on my charting style; I really appreciate it!
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