XD 25
20th November 2021
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Welcome to my first chart. I hope you like it!
I was very lucky to have received massive help from the best charters out there. Thank you Steven of Astora for teaching me the editor & for giving constant feedback. Also thank you Ballinbino & Crooky for your big help feedback especially on those annoying swing notes lol. Thank you Soda for play testing and helping make it better!!

Happy speening :D
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one of my favorite charts ive ever played amazing choice of song twitch.tv/krippyx
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Finally get to play it and it was fun for sure, nice first chart Krippy. 👍
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Mamma Mia, chunky-chunk
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You did such a great job with this! Even with lots of help you still managed to intuitively do some much of it well on your own! Definitely give this one a shot!
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