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23rd November 2021
29th November 2021
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Woah Cali is doing another hyper potions chart, what a surprise :D

Really proud of this one again! Feel like with every chart I do I'm slowly expanding the ways I like to do things, and slowly getting some consistency down in my charting style.

Just a heads up this chart isn't 100% polished, but it is 100% functional (I hope).
I wanted to clean everything up, but the song was harder than I expected to work on - Took a few days to chart, and then a few more to do a solid pass on everything so If I don't publish it now I never will lol

If there's anything you think should be changed for playability, any feedback is welcome and appreciated

Have fun :)

EDIT: Removed "CTM friendly" tag, thank you for the feedback Cahobo!
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Nice chart! I wouldn't call it CTM friendly though because of all the movement after sliders. I play freewheel so I'm just going off of what CTM players have told me but that's a no no for friendliness. Still a good chart by all standards
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