XD 68
27th November 2021
13th June 2022
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Shoutouts to CrookyCumbles and TreXDer for playtesting.

Ver 0.1: Initial version
Ver 0.2: modified the section from 42, now hopefully it is less straining to finger
Ver 0.3 (Thanks to Dr. Chicken): Hopefully it is now easier to read at 22-23
Ver 0.4 (Thanks to Prog): Mistimed beats fixed, Bar 22 and 72 fixed
Ver 0.5: End of 3rd drop fixed
Ver 0.6: Weird matchstrings removed
Ver 0.7: Hopefully the beat patterns starting from 73 feels correct enough

Apologies for the long list of changes.

Ver 1.0: Changed background
Ver 1.1: Changed the background again
Ver 1.2: Added a beat in 79
Ver 1.3: Modified the pattern starting from 25
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