E 3
N 6
H 18
EX 25
XD 42
11th December 2021
11th December 2021
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I know this song has already been charted a while ago but I really wanted to give it a shot for myself so no offence towards 20/3, their version is great. Had so much fun making the XD for this one. The experts and hard versions were really difficult especially in the DnB section. But I tried really hard on them so hopefully people like those. Constructive feedback on hard and expert is welcome.
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Fun chart!
Why would you even mention anything about offence lol. A song is a song, it's for everyone to chart.
Altho I wanna take this chance to clarify that my old chart had pretty weird colour swaps because the ancienct 2 minutes background swaps colours, so they were swapping according to the background change.
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