E 5
N 7
H 15
EX 23
XD 39
22nd December 2021
24th December 2021
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Update: Fixed backwards spin after scratch (thanks ballin)

Here it is the final K/DA song! I didn't really know this song that well before I started charting it and it turned out WAY better than expected. Definitely not a disappointing one to end it on. I really loved making and playing all of these K/DA charts and I hope everyone else did too! Thanks for all the support and positive feedback.

Thanks to Krippy and Dama for testing almost all of these out!
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Had a blast with all your K/DA charts. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful song. Also found out that the new Pentakill album actually came out a few months ago, so I'm very excited. Have a happy new year :)
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