H 15
EX 26
XD 37
03rd January 2022
25th January 2022
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A track I heard in Aaero and had to chart, thanks for the permission Bumbo :^) Hopefully you all have fun, tried messing with matches more than I usually do. Feedback is appreciated as always, and more multi-diff let's go.

Thanks Steven, Ballin and Ozma for testing.

Thanks for looking at the lower diffs Steven!

" Godzilla is the son of the atomic bomb...the sacred beast of the apocalypse."

-Tomoyuki Tanaka.

Update 25-1-22: Fixed some movement into tap in the hard chart, thanks for the heads up RAD
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Cool chart, nice flow on expert.
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easily one of the best charts
in spin rhythm too
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Very cool
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