H 15
EX 26
XD 33
01st March 2022
02nd August 2023
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1 of 3 charts in an attempted mini-show case for February, sadly it took me until the last day to get them out. I wanted to do 3 more, and they'll come eventually, but life has been very hectic. I had a lot of issues with timings on all 3 which also caused a delay, so if anything seems off just let me know :) Any other feedback as well is appreciated.

Thanks to Ballin, Steve and Gavi for taking a look!

Update March 2nd 22: Fixed some timings, thanks Gavi you're a hero :D
Update again: Fixed hard diff issues sorry again
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Just like others said, extremely natural feeling. Passed both expert and xd and both were super fun!
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Agree with Kwazi, this chart is incredible. I might even say it's Good as Hell
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One of the most natural feeling charts I've ever played
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