E 4
N 8
H 16
EX 22
XD 27
04th June 2020
29th April 2021
Uploaded by
Took this song seriously for a change, no memes in here at all so you'll have to wait for a meme chart for this! :P

EDIT (6/24/2020): Updated slightly, along with new difficulty rating!
EDIT (7/1/2020): Updated again, noticed a few issues with the chart, and increased the difficulty rating to 27.
EDIT (4/28/2021): Full diff update! XD updated with soft beatholds. Major thanks to rewardadrawer for the lower diffs!
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EX is very nice
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Hard is WAY HARDER than 16. Specially since it mixes slides (sharp turns!) with beats!
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Might actually be my favorite chart on Spinshare right now! Manages to be fun while still being a downtempo dance chart. Hard enough to challenge most people familiar with base game difficulty, while still being an attainable FC for base game players on the grind. Great chart
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Classic chart
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Died where I should 5/5
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5/5, really great chart, and not just for the coffin dance meme. I have nothing bad to say about this. This is the song I'll rave to at my funeral
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