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08th June 2020
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THERE IS A NEW, BETTER VERSION - I'm only leaving this up for posterity since it was my first chart I ever finished and I'm still proud of it but there's a much better version I uploaded more recently.
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I really dig this chart. It plays really well and isn't obnoxious at all with its piano charting. My main grips against it are some undercharted drop sections (mainly the first drop feeling a little bit empty), some spins that are going the wrong way, and some spins that are ending before a tap note, which will make it annoying for turntable players. I'd also recommend trimming the end of the audio so there isn't a 16 second wait before the chart ends. But aside from those small issues, it's super fun!
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3/5 I really really would like to add +1 points to this chart. For a first (uploaded) chart, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality. However, it's not perfect. Playing on turntable, the spinners stopped early with hold ends made for some jank sections. Extending the spinners to the next tap or just replacing the hold ends with a tap would make this chart that much more enjoyable than it already is.
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cool map.
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