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29th September 2022
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Its finally done! I've always wanted to do a big project where I chart an entire album and I'm super glad I did it with Sigma. Insanely happy with how all these came out and had tons of fun making them. Even if no one played these I would have charted them anyway (And will continue doing more Reol) but thanks to everyone who has stuck around and played them all. I understand if you don't want to play a 46 minute chart but if you do please share your score with me regardless of the difficulty you played on!

Huge shout out to Gav for recreating all 13 tempo maps and in general helping me with a lot of the technical aspects that I was clueless about. Definitely a massive help. And also big thanks to Kwazi for charting Chiruchiru with me which was an awesome addition to the collection.

The audio and game performance will likely drop in the last 3 or so songs due to some technical limitations of the game which will are suppose to be fixed in a future patch. But should be more than playable anyway.
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long (long) charts
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First of all, congrats. This was no easy feat that's for sure. You've been a consistent quality full-diff charter. You've been a mentor in my early days and always pushed for accessibilty. As for the chart, liked it every bit. The intensity matched the songs throughout and were unique in every part. Kudos man!! 👍
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first off, congrats on this. I know this must have been an effort to complete. Like you stated, I did notice some video stuttering the last two songs but no audio issues. I've played the vast majority of these charts separately, but it's definitely a different experience with them all together. Really enjoyed the chart, thanks!!

First to post a score on Expert, got a rank S with a score of 611016
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