XD 59
07th November 2022
25th November 2022
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\My Guarding Sta/
From CytusII/World
a bug at the end fixed
got some match rewritten to make the chart more challenge and better handling
added "Number"
got the match rewritten again and makes it harder but suitable for the handling
And now it's a 50 XD(this happened again because another werid and tough playing)
some match can not make a good handling so i nerfed them
Update: i think this time this chart is suitable for tourament
mirrored some parts to make the chart feel not so "left"
Update 26 Nov:Mistiming parts and unsuitable parts fixed
this is hard...u no i got tired because of what i wrote before were all wrong for SSSO and they were not suitable for play i think
anyway finally i tired to fix them
god damn i'm so clumsy that i can't play my own stuff well
Special Thanks to gav to finding out the fatal mistakes and mistimings
guys correcting timings is really a hard work
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Awesome the holds´╝ü
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cool sliders
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