EX 22
XD 27
09th July 2020
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Fixed some TAPS that were uncomfortable hitting.
Fixed a SPIN before the drop that stops earlier.
Fixed the last SPIN. 12secs of nothing. (sry about that)
Completely new chart kinda easier... (almost everything) ;)

Thanks for the Feedback. :D
Boy, I'm 'bout to hit you with the heat, right!

Difficulty XD: 27
EX: 22

Maybe adding the other difficulties in the future.
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This is a very solid chart and the drops are super satisfying to play. Not too crazy and complex while also being enjoyable. Only two things felt awkward while playing.
1) The match streams in the buildup with the V shapes have taps at the points that feel wonky to hit. The match streams could lead more smoothly into the taps.
2) Spins ending early. The spins right before the drop end on the beats instead of on the tap notes right after. The spins here should end on the taps in order to keep control of the wheel after spinning.
With those changes I think it would be a great chart for newer XD players to try out.
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I'll like this chart but with a big caveat. There's something that seems to be prevalent in all your charts - you have taps that require the player to move to them and click basically simultaneously. It's MUCH smoother to have your matches work out so that the last match lines you up for the tap or else have some time before the tap so you can realign the wheel. Besides that my only other serious issue is that you should edit the track a little so there isn't 15 seconds from the last spin action until the results screen. Really though, I played through all four of your charts and I'm very impressed with the progression I can see! Keep making charts!! :)
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