H 26
EX 37
XD 45
01st May 2020
07th March 2021
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------------- DESCRIPTION READING IS RECOMMENDED ---------------
Song length: 5:04 min.
( Track Speed Override recommended )
Difficulty Rate:
- Hard = 26
- Expert = 37 (It has beat holds)
- XD = 45 ( The XD diff is recommended for high level players, it's extremely hard, has complicated match notes and its not "Click To Move" friendly)

29th June 2020 Update
> Added Hard diff, the old expert went to Hard with a lot of changes.
> The old Expert diff was replaced by the Tournament Edition of Overkill, with some changes.
> The XD diff keeps almost the same, with some minor changes.
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Omg this chat is siick!!
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This chart has a crazy middle part and is the only reason i have only finished this one without the clear on mistake 11/2 would grind again [Highest Score: 92301, Grade: D, Streak: 363, Clear on mistake: OFF]
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My favorite chart atm... Zick can't make a bad chart lol
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Really cool
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