XD 28
10th July 2020
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Can't be too late to recommend!

This is a have to
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months later and this song is still really fun to play. fun sections, not too difficult but not too easy either!!!
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Very very good and fun chart !
I'd rate it around 35 though, not 28 :p
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eurobeat goodness. flawless chart!
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Oh I'm in love with this. The decisions on where to place the beats/taps and when to slide with match notes go great with the song, and the short spins leading into the direction of the next tap note make the chart feel super smooth to play. One of the songs where the "slow" bit is as fun to play as the drop/chorus.
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Fun chart. Cool little jumps in difficulty I did not expect.
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Hard but fun!
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Fun chart! It flows well and i like the speeens
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