E 1
N 6
H 13
EX 19
XD 27
12th July 2020
22nd August 2022
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Kinetic was one of my very first charts (I believe it was third, after Disco Descent & Courtesy), and now, it's my first to be completely revamped in full difficulty, thanks to the GaviGuideā„¢!

07/12/2020: XD released! Expert has been charted, but is pending a clipping tool (the end will not be included).
07/12/2020: Expert released! XD changed to 27 difficulty. Measure 17 revised to avoid drift (not reflected in preview video).
08/20/2022: Easy (1), Normal (6), Hard (13) released! Each has been cut to a specific length. Expert (19) and XD (27) changed considerably. Can you get the magical PFC score for XD?
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Solid chart overall
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great chart! despite its length being a bit over my preferred length, it kept it fresh the entire time.
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