H 18
EX 26
XD 35
04th February 2023
13th February 2023
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So at this point I have absolutely no idea what exactly has been changed.
- Movement into Tap at M45 on EX and XD diffs
- Tempo Map Corrected
- Build ups have been reworked
- Overall playability has improved on ALL diffs
- Timings have been reworked
- Hooks have been reworked
- Some new sliders? maybe?

Anyway Check It Out!

Thank you to LuminaryCat for the advice, tempo map, timings and dedication on getting this chart at its best! <3
A Feel Good track from TWICE with The Feels. This is a bop and I felt like charting it, I hope you guys enjoy!

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Very cool chart, love the movement in it.
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